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 Hello Everyone!!!

I've decided to to start a blog here.... I use to blog all the time back in the day when myspace was a hip and happening site. Facebook provides a 'NOTES' area, but I don't like intruding in everyone's space by tagging them in a blog. I hate when I'm tagged in things that seem like an advertisement ect. This seems less intrusive and allows me to write freely.

There is so much going on now....'TWISTED SUNSHINE' the album is almost ready. We have chosen the songs, there will be 13 tracks because 13 is my lucky number!!! The first single is called 'THE LITTLE THINGS' which I wrote with the incredibly talented Christian Ballard. You can take a listen to it by watching the video I posted at the top of the page. I'm excited as this album will take you on a musical journey. It is a high energy uplifting album that is sweet and sassy. I will be doing a photo shoot in February for the album cover ect and will have the album mixed and ready to go by March. The date has been pushed back quite a few times, I have found this to be VERY frustrating, but at the same time I've waited this long to release an album, so I just need to meditate on the word 'PATIENCE' LOL in order for this record to be top quality.

I've experienced some incredible changes in the past few months, moving from Florida to Los Angeles. 2010 was a beautiful year full of amazing travel experiences and my unforgettable gigs in The Philippines!!! I have really found inner peace in the art of accepting every situation instead of resisting. The power of thought is tremendous and I do believe even when life seems undeniably bleak you must somehow maintain a positive attitude. I have submerged myself in the readings of Eckhart Tolle, Joel O'steen, and I am INCREDIBLY inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the famous book Eat Pray Love. We have a limited amount of energy which should be focused on things that bring positivity into our lives and the lives of others. It is such a waste to dwell on the past and on people who have let you down. That is their karma and their problem ^_^

I have kept a journal since I was about 9 years old. At first it was mandatory LOL.....My Dad would make me write about major events in the year such as Birthdays, Concerts, Christmas ect ect. I appreciate that because I learned to LOVE writing and reading how my life has evolved. This past year however (2010) I wasn't as disciplined in keeping a journal because I am working on a book called 'MY TWISTED SUNSHINE' which is INSPIRED by True events. There were so many MAJOR memories in this past year that I wish I had more than a status update on Facebook to read, so here I am.

Welcome to my BLOG....This will be a great place to get to know me, my life, my journeys, thoughts and experiences!!!!