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 Sunday January 17th, was a particularly special day and there were all these little life shoves that gave me this gorgeous experience.  It started as I strolled down the aisles of Wholefoods and came across a book section. I was determined to to start my 2011 eating much healthier foods and browsed through the shelves. I came across spiritual readings by Eckhart Tolle which have helped me so much and next to those books was THE SECRET. Now mind you I have seen the DVD and own the book already I just  have them in storage back east.  On impulse I grabbed it and brought it up to the register. The cashier was a young, stocky ,spanish guy ....he smirked and said,"Honey where have you been this is so Oprah 5 years ago" Slightly embarrassed I laughed, and couldn't even get myself to say it was even more pathetic, I have the book and DVD already LOL. Anyway, the following day I went to get my hair done by a BRILLIANT hairstylist in West Hollywood named Fabian. As he lightened my locks we spoke about our vegetable cleanses, hiking the trails of Runyon Canyon, and then we got on the topic of the power of thought.... and we laughed and said I guess you read THE SECRET too. He then went on to tell me that Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from the movie/book THE SECRET has a spiritual center right down the road and that it's suppose to be an amazing experience, all types of people go to listen to lectures, sermons ect .  Anyway distracted by my gorgeous haircut/color I didn't grab the name of the center. The following day I logged onto my facebook page and was excited to see a Facebook friend named Jeremy Weinglass  was performing his show The Odyssey  that night...I clicked on his page to get info and there was a picture of him and his beautiful wife Kim @ The Agape Center!!! Now I had the name and googeld for info immediately.  I found the address and read about it. I decided that I would hit the 6pm service on Sunday. Jeremy's show by the way was a great start to a peaceful , gorgeous weekend. His show was phenomenal!!! 

Sunday morning I sipped on my PG tips tea, reading a bit of Eckhart Tolle and  The Secret, went to the gym for an hour, and got ready for the service. Unfortunately at the moment my GPS is down so I have been subjected to using my iPHONE GPS ( I don't advise anyone to do this while driving.... freakin Dangerous) Anyway, for some reason this damn phone decided to take me on the scenic route to the center about 40 minutes out of the way.... into the HEART of Culver City.... Thoughts of gang wars I saw on a documentary in L.A.  started swirling through my head, and I  found myself bowing my head in case a stray bullet would graze my hair follicles. My iPhone then began to freeze every 2 seconds and the battery started running low. I AM NOT from L.A. I had NO idea where I was.... I just knew it was bad and not exactly the place I could pull over and ask for directions. I saw a young woman pushing a stroller with 2 children in it and just thought how grateful I was to not be in her position. How lucky I was to not live in this environment. 

I finally got off these intricate side streets and found a main rd which lead me out of the area into a more pleasant industrial area where I found the center. I was so nervous, not knowing what to expect and my nerves in general were shot....I had definitely mumbled every single swear word in the car ride there, had a few words with God very similar to Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty "WHY DO YOU HATE ME" LOL. So I felt like a chaotic mess as I walked in. A sweet gentleman walked in along side me and said "your first time?"  I smiled thinking am I that obvious ??? and said "Yes" , he said "follow me, I'm Myles btw". He lead me into this quiet room where about 50 people were sitting with their eyes closed in deep meditation. I sat down and closed my eyes and started to focus on the sound of the running water. I could hear a friendly female voice say "now exhale and let it all go" and did just that. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with serenity. 

There were 3 woman at the front of the room and Myles, who held a guitar in his hand. Not knowing what to expect I was completely blown away by the message they spoke of and would follow with a song which was beautifully sung by Lillie Carol Russ. My eyes darted about the room and at first I felt like an outsider, like a fly on the wall, a spectator... but by the end I felt unified with everyone in the room as if we had all just experienced something so magical and amazing.....our bond was going through that journey together. I felt enlightened and elated at the end of the hour. We had all laughed, identified with the stories told and had a much better understanding of the type of person we should be at all times. The idea that there is only this present moment in which we should fully live in. The fact that worrying about problems never resolves them. The importance of finding TRUE forgiveness in your heart for those who have done you wrong in order for you to let it all go and find that place of innocence....of a time when you were a child before feeling betrayed or having  gone through tremendous disappoints and difficulties in life. 

The center provides great out reach programs for the community and ways to volunteer your spare  time to help others. This to me is such an exciting thing to be a part of .

For further info here is a link to the center: